We manufacture and distribute a wide range of Latex Examination Gloves and Nitrile Examination Gloves. We also distribute ancillary products such as vinyl gloves including vinyl gloves, surgical gloves and cleanroom gloves, as well as other medical disposables.

Our gloves are used in a wide range of industries such as healthcare (including medical examination procedures, diagnostic procedures and laboratories), food and beverage (particularly food handling) and the automotive industry.



We produced our first Nitrile Examination Glove in 1998. For nearly a decade and a half, we have consistently exceeded international quality standards through our stringent manufacturing standards. With a strong research and development team, we are now able to produce one of the best and advanced nitrile examination glove available in the market.



Since the production of our first powder-glove in 1989 and our first-powder-free glove in 1992, our Latex Examination Gloves have been recognised for its superior quality and consistency for over two decades. Our powder-free latex examination gloves include single chlorinated, double chlorinatedand polymer coated gloves, amongst others.



Over the years, we have worked with some of the most reputable glove brands worldwide, assuring our partners with top and consistent product quality and service. Growing together and achieving a win-win success with our partners have always been our motto.


Product Details

For more information on product specifications, please feel free to CONTACT US. Alternatively, depending on the region you are located, you may also visit OUR DISTRIBUTION for more details and to learn about the other ancillary products we offer including vinyl gloves, face masks and shoe covers amongst others.