We currently operate two manufacturing plants in Seremban, Malaysia, capable of producing up to 3.2 billion gloves per annum. Our fully-integrated manufacturing facilities undertake the full production of our products from the sourcing of raw materials and drawing up of product design to the manufacturing and distribution of the finished products to our customers.

Our Manufacturing

Our dipping production lines can be easily configured to manufacture gloves of different lengths, colours, sizes and thickness, allowing us to meet ourcustomers' changing and different requirements.

We are recognized for our exceptionally high and stringent manufacturing standards, which translate into superior quality and consistency. We are always eager to improve and continue to excel going forward.

Our Manufacturing


We strongly believe that the quality of a product begins at its source. Hence, we emphasize that quality control must be enforced systematically and at every stage of the manufacturing process. We adopt stringent quality standards to ensure consistency in the quality of our products.